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Our platform allows you to tell magical stories that engage your audience through touch, sound and vision.


The telemark canal in 3D

In 2016 we developed a large installation placed in Vrangfoss, Telemark. The installation tells the history of the Telemark canal, and combines a physical landscape model and projected maps with historical images and sound. Produced in collaboration with Telemarkskanalen Regionalpark for Vest-Telemark Museum. Click to see larger images!

Photo of CNC milling machine

Milling the 240x110 cm large model

Photo of a model in Vrangfoss

Installing the model in Vrangfoss

Close-up photo of landscape

The map is projected onto the terrain

Photo of complete installation

The complete installation

Close-up photo of landscape with graphical effects

Graphics and special effects added to the map animations

Facsimile from Varden

Media coverage in the Telemark newspaper Varden

what we do

Do you want to tell your audience engaging stories about a geographical area?
Our solution is perfect for tourism, real estate or museums.

3D Landscape

We create large physical landscape models. We use digital elevation data and CNC machines to carve out the landscape, allowing us to efficiently create large models.


We develop software for projecting maps onto 3D models, taking into account the graphical deformation created by the 3D landscape.


We help you make your story come to life through graphics and animation. Why not use an adjacent screen to show additional video or images?


We create solutions that allow your audience to interact with the content. For example, you can allow the user to start a specific story by the press of a button.


An installation that uses maps, animations, images and sound to tells the history of the Telemark canal. Developed for and with Vest-Telemark Museum and Telemarkskanalen Regionalpark, and placed in Vrangfoss, Telemark.


Our solutions has developed over several years through exploration and prototyping. Check out two of the early concept videos we made!

The VizBox experiments (2014)

Jon Olav started working on the concept during a Fulbright visit to California in 2013-2014. The result was a prototype and a video that demonstrates a physical platform for interactive data visualization on three-dimensional surfaces. Read more at navimationresearch.net.

VizBox Bergen (2015)

The video demonstrates how a physical 3D model can be used for presenting different types of information. Voice-over in Norwegian, closed captions in English.


We are a small startup located in Oslo, Norway, founded in 2016 by:

Jon olav eikenes

Founder and designer

Bjørn Sandvik

Founder and developer

Christian Løverås


Are you interested in collaborating with us or help us fill the world with engaging visualizations? Please don’t hesitate contacting us!

+47 402 11 244