We bring maps to life


We are creating a platform for projecting graphics onto physical landscape models. It can be used in a variety of settings, with or without possibilities for user interaction.


Let visitors see the exciting landscape, trails and locations they can explore around your hotel, city, resort or museum.

Real estate

Present the area where you are selling real estate: highlight the landscape, nearby facilities, and sun light conditions.

Example 1: Norway and the School of Cinematic Arts, California

Example 2: Bergen

Norwegian voice over; closed captions in English.

Example 3: Dovre

The first VizBox in use.

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About us

We are three entrepreneurs located in Oslo, Norway.
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Jon Olav Eikenes

Founder and designer
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Bjørn Sandvik

Founder and developer


Are you interested in collaborating with us or help us fill the world with engaging visualizations? Please don’t hesitate contacting us!